Quota on Religious Basis

It is surprising that in India all poor are only from the so-called minority religions only.

This is what can be interpreted from Supreme Court ruling allowing quota for poor among Muslims in Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Government has categoried almost all sects, sub-sects, groups of Muslim as backward/poor and given them quota in education & job.

Supreme Court has allowed the quota. It means that it has allowed the quota on the basis of income. So this means Hindus are rich and none of them are poor and deprived.

This is the most stupid decision ever from Supreme Court which of late has been giving out such improper decisions. As an institution people in India look to uphold Justice, Supreme Court has been slipping in creditability in the recent past. Is this the Supreme Court that forced Government to move all public transports in the capital to cleaner fuel? Is this the Supreme Court that has given landmark judgments in the past upholding the rights of citizens? A far cry from all that….

Muslims as such do NOT desire to work in the Government job that pay measly compared to what they earn in business or by working in the Gulf. It is a conscious decision of the community and not due to lack of any opportunity. This can be clearly seen from visiting Muslim dominated areas or how they have spread over the year esp. the last decade.

The concept of Reservation was introduced to ensure that the people who were traditionally suppressed got an opportunity to grow in stature in life and society.  It was identified that historically some sections of the Hindu Community were suppressed. Reservation in education & job was meant for uplifting these people – not for some community who always enjoyed the cream.

Surprisingly India has so many initiatives & concessions for the so-called Minorities that as a so-called Forward Class Hindu, I really feel like a minority.

Reservation has been misused, abused to the core and it has been continued beyond it’s tenure for benefiting a few. Vote-bank politics, short-sighted policies, appeasement policies are only adding to the degradation of our culture.

Ironically nobody is worried about Hindus and the Great Indian Culture… Is somebody there to protect it?

It’s high time, Hindus realise the importance of standing up and fighting against such divisive and selfish policies that will ultimately ruin the country.