2G Scam JPC Probe

2G Scam is the biggest scam to hit Indians.  CAG has already submitted it’s report wherein it has pointed irregularities by A.Raja as the Minister and the DoT in spectrum allocation to companies in 2007/08. Opposition has been demanding a JPC probe on 2G Scam and has held Parliament to randsom by not allowing it … Read more

You cannot invest in MF for your wife

From 15th November 2010, MF invests can be made by self-issued cheque only. You cannot invest using your friend’s, relative’s or spouse’s issued cheque. All investments with third-party cheques will be rejected. Exceptions to this: 1. Investor for Minors – Up to Rs.50,000/- by the Parent/ Grand Parent/ Related Person 2. Employer on behalf of … Read more

What form of Government is Correct?

There is much hype about Democracy being the best way to govern a country. Other forms of governance like communism, dictatorship, feudalism (king rules) are all against the basic rights of an individual. So is Democracy the best? Let’s start with identifying how to measure which is the best? – Should we take the economic … Read more

NEFT/ RTGS Charges Changed

RBI has announced the change in Charges for NEFT & RTGS w.e.f. 15th November 2010. The revised charges are as below: RTGS – New Minimum limit = Rs.2 Lakhs Amount                              Charges 2Lakhs – 5Lakhs                Rs.25/- Above 5Lakhs                     Rs.50/- NEFT Amount                              Charges Up to 1Lakh                        Rs.5/- 1Lakh – 2Lakhs                Rs.15/- Above 2Lakhs                     Rs.25/- According to RBI … Read more