Foreign Telecom Companies Blackmailing Indian Government

With the Supreme Court Decision on cancelling the fraudulently awarded 2G Licences, we are seeing the foreign companies that bought into the licence winners cheaply are now trying to “protect” their “investment” by threatening to sue the Indian Government. Foremost among these companies is TELENOR the Norwegian Telecom Company that invested in UNINOR. Government has … Read more

Railway Budget 2012 – What’s in it for Tamil Nadu?

The Railway Budget 2012 provides for the following new services in Tamil Nadu: New Trains –       1) Coimbatore – Bikaner (in Rajasthan)  via Konkan Railway passing through Mangalore, Roha, Vasai Road, Ahmedabad & Jodhpur = WEEKLY      2) Chennai – Bangalore AC DOUBLE-DECKER Express = DAILY.       3) Trichy – Tirunelveli … Read more

Bravo! Mr. Trivedi (Indian Railway Minister)

It takes guts to increase fares of public services in a country like India. People seldom realise that fares cannot be keep artificially low in the name of public welfare for a long time. In a deficit budget country like us, the fares cannot be kept abysmally low for years together esp. when the costs are running … Read more