USA: Protector. Of whom: World or Americans?

US president has been very vocal in lambasting BP over the oil-spill in Gulf of Mexico for the loss of income and the ecological damage caused. US president is doing well in protecting American interests.

Even in the case of Bhopal Gas tragedy it is protecting American Nationals & Corporations.  Just imagine if such an incident had happened in US due to a foreign company’s mistake. By now the company would have been banned, it’s American assets seized and all effort would have been taken to get any promoter or top executive to US for trial.

Even in the case of Toyota’s recall of cars in US, Toyota was fined for delaying the recall!!! even though no mass failure happened. Such cases by American companies abroad would have been “isolated incidences not requiring any action”.

US has been pushing for Nuclear liability Bill in India to ensure that it’s companies that work in India do not face the consequences of any disasters created by them.

For US – we are second class living things existing only for the purpose of serving Americans.

Pathetically Indian Government is hand in glove with US. Probably this is because none of the politicians or their relatives are ever affected by disasters like the Bhopal Gas Leak.

Probably we should ask the Judges & the Politicians to go and stay in the closed factory for a week. I bet none would dare to do so, in spite of assuring general public that no toxins are in the factory now.

How to change it? People should start speaking out and ensure a social backlash on culprits, but are we ready to boycott the powerful in our country???