Satyam-Maytas – Corporate Governance Issue?

There is a lot of hype in the Media about the issue of Satyam’s failed buyout plan of Maytas. Talks of Corporate Governance are around and even demand that SEBI/ MCA conduct enquiry on the issue proactively without any need for anybody to complain. Various sections in SEBI’s rulebook are quoted which empower it to … Read more

Satyam-Maytas Misadventure

Satyam Computers announced the buyout of 2 Infrastructure companies – Maytas Infra & Maytas Properties. Both are owned/operated by the sons of Satyam Computer’s Promoter/founder. The reason put forward was diversification in uncertain times. But the market did not like it and they crashed the script’s ADR’s price by almost 55% and as I write … Read more