Dennis Ritchie – An obituary

First time I heard the name Dennis Ritchie was in my 2nd year in Engineering when we had the computer lab on C programming. When I started to learn and understand the power & usability of C, i was amazed what it could do. Dennis Richie had created a marvel way back in 1970s that … Read more

NEFT/ RTGS Charges Changed

RBI has announced the change in Charges for NEFT & RTGS w.e.f. 15th November 2010. The revised charges are as below: RTGS – New Minimum limit = Rs.2 Lakhs Amount                              Charges 2Lakhs – 5Lakhs                Rs.25/- Above 5Lakhs                     Rs.50/- NEFT Amount                              Charges Up to 1Lakh                        Rs.5/- 1Lakh – 2Lakhs                Rs.15/- Above 2Lakhs                     Rs.25/- According to RBI … Read more

Banking without Charges?

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! – An announcement from a IDBI Bank has taken me by surprise. IDBI Bank has decided that henceforth it’s savings account & current account holders will not incur any charges other than Cheque Return Charges. This is surprising given that the bank used to charge for online NEFT fund transfers also even … Read more

Interest on deposits in Saving A/c – Change in Rule – Benefit for A/c Holders

RBI’s Annual Policy Statement 2009-10 released yesterday (21st April) includes the following “(b) Payment of Interest on Savings Bank Account on a Daily Product Basis 88. At present, interest on savings bank accounts is calculated on the minimum balances held in the accounts during the period from the 10th day to the last day of … Read more

Refund of Wrong Debits in ATM

At some point of time or other, most of us would have had a bad experience at the ATM when the amount we key-in does not come but is debited from the A/c. In most cases, the reversal happens in the next few days and we anxiously wait for the reversal after following up with … Read more

Satyam Saga Ends

Shocking disclosures by CEO Ramalinga Raju today. The Letter to the board had disclosures about false revenue and profit figures. Shocking indeed. The facsimile is attached for your reading. (Raju’s Letter)

Go Green! – Save the Planet or Cost Cutting

What is the real reason behind the active “Go Green” Campaign by many Companies (esp. in the Financial Sector in India)? Do they really want to help Save the Planet? Most “Go Green” Campaigns by the Financial Sector Companies start with sending Email statements to their customers – be it banks, Mutual Funds or Credit … Read more