Mutual Funds – Variable Entry Load – Opportunity for Investors

SEBI has issued a Proposal on 13th Feb’09 for Variable Entry Load for investments in Mutual Funds made through Distributors. This is good step forward for investors who use Distributor’s service to the minimal. They can henceforth pay less by bargaining on the Entry Load. This will be good for both investors and Distributors. For … Read more

Safer Online Credit Card Transactions in India

RBI has issued a new directive on 18th Feb’09 mandating Banks and Credit Card Companies to put in place an additional authetication/validation for all “card not present” transactions from 1st Aug’09. Further “online alerts” must be provided to the customer for all “card not present” transactions of value of Rs.5,000/- and above. This is a … Read more

Refund of Wrong Debits in ATM

At some point of time or other, most of us would have had a bad experience at the ATM when the amount we key-in does not come but is debited from the A/c. In most cases, the reversal happens in the next few days and we anxiously wait for the reversal after following up with … Read more