M F Husain & Disgraceful Indian Media

Indian Media has shown it yet again. It can fall to new lows again and again just for TRPs. Media has yet again proved that it does not show what people want, people must see what it shows. Anti-Hindu bias of the media in India is again on the forefront.

One person who shows scant regards for the Hindu religion and sentiments is praised, Hindu organisations who protest against improper representation of Hindu ideology/gods are said to be anti-secular, without any tolerance, against freedom of speech. Media has exclusive coverages, interviews with “eminent” people and the “affected party(ies)” that are run, re-run, re-rerun for days together.

However the same media does not even bother to report properly when other religions organise similar protests. Surprisingly these protests can be for trival issues or for events that are remotely connected to India, but other religion people can go on rampage damaging public property, injuring & killing people. Publicly disgracing the dignity of women, but all this are also happens, minor issues. Here Media is showing religious tolerance by not doing any “exclusive” reports.

How come the media never speaks out against the concept of “Fatwa”?  How come media never speaks up against conversions?

M F Husain was acknowledged for his works. Only his improper paintings were protested against. Freedom of expression does not mean one can do anything one wants. Why has M F Husain never painted Prophet?He like other “experts” know that doing anything against the thoughts of other religious beliefs is dangerous. Only Hinduism is a puppet – everybody can make fun of it.

Probably it is high time Hindus stand up against such subtle disgraceful ideology that has become rampant in India. But for this to happen Hindus must rejuvenate  and understand their religion/culture in the properly and correctly. More importantly factionalism must be avoided. While Hinduism can teach all other religions by virtue of being one of the oldest and most comprehensive religion, this is something we must learn from the Christians & Muslims in today’s India.

Thank You M F Husain for leaving India once for all. I hope you Live Long enough to realise the greatness of Indian Culture (read Hindu culture) esp. when you get caught in something controversial in your new homeland and are ruthlessly punished for it.

At last I found some one openly writing in favour of Hindu Sentiments. Read this article in SIFY.COM