NSEiT – Conflict of Interest?

Should a Stock Exchange be allowed to have a business whose market it can influence by the virtue of it’s being the Market Enabler? National Stock Exchange (NSE), India’s Numero Uno Stock Exchange has a subsidary – NSEiT which is involved in the development and maintenance of NSE’s IT infrastructure. NSEiT also develops software products … Read more

Outstation Cheque Collection – RBI Circular

RBI in it’s Circular dated 8th Oct,’08 has issued norms for Charges for Outstation cheque collection. RBI has mandated that banks must follow the following guidelines for Charges: – Up to Rs. 10,000                     – not exceeding Rs. 50 per instrument – Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1,00,000      – not exceeding Rs. 100 per instrument – Rs.1,00,001 … Read more

Service Charges for Electronic Payments

On 8th Oct’08, RBI mandated that Banks must NOT charge for any Inward RTGS/NEFT/ECS transactions (i.e., for receiving funds). For Outward transactions, i.e., sending the funds, the Maximum Charges have been specified as below: (i)  RTGS  – Rs. 1 to 5 lakh             – not exceeding Rs. 25 per transaction – Rs. 5 lakh and above   … Read more

My Feedback on Variable Load in MF

In continuation with my previous post on SEBI’s proposal for introducing Variable Entry Load in Mutual Funds, I sent in my response by email on the last day (6th of March). The response is as below: ================ I personally welcome the proposal of having Variable Entry Load in MF. This will bring in a rationalisation … Read more

RIL – RPL Merger. Why is nobody questioning it?

When Satyam-Maytas happened, everybody on the street was on their feet crying foul. But the same people are now silent spectators to the merger of Reliance Petroleum (RPL) with Reliance Industries (RIL). What has caused this difference in attitude towards to similiar events – both are trying to merger with promoter held companies with the … Read more