Idea Cellular Advertisement – Thought Provoking Idea

Idea Cellular has used innovative themes in it’s Advertisements – the Mobile Schooling to enable masses in the hinderland attend school was great. How implementable it is using mobile phones is a big question? But definitely with improvement in bandwidth and data transfer rates probably we can have video conferencing in remote schools. The latest … Read more

Corruption is Beneficial

Who says Corruption is Bad? Corruption is Beneficial to the Society. Corruption helps me (read: Officials) make more Money. Isn’t this Beneficial? Corruption helps me(read: Officials/workers) work less. Isn’t this Beneficial? Corruption helps me (read: common man) get away from Traffic Violations without major fine or cancellation of my Driving License. Isn’t this Beneficial? Corruption … Read more

Satyam Saga Ends

Shocking disclosures by CEO Ramalinga Raju today. The Letter to the board had disclosures about false revenue and profit figures. Shocking indeed. The facsimile is attached for your reading. (Raju’s Letter)

Go Green! – Save the Planet or Cost Cutting

What is the real reason behind the active “Go Green” Campaign by many Companies (esp. in the Financial Sector in India)? Do they really want to help Save the Planet? Most “Go Green” Campaigns by the Financial Sector Companies start with sending Email statements to their customers – be it banks, Mutual Funds or Credit … Read more

New Year – New Hope?

New Year has Dawn! The New Year brings with it new hopes of a better Economy and Peace. The year gone-by was one to remember and to forget – to remember for the lessons learnt from the mistakes made; and to forget for the horrible events that unfolded over the months. Change has been the … Read more