Happy Deepavali from RBI – Deregulation of SB Interest Rates

RBI has deregulated the Savings Bank Interest Rates (read here). I see this announcement as a Deepavali gift to the larger depositor base. While the focus of the media & public has been on the rate hike which will impact the borrowers, deregulation of SB A/c interest rates will benefit a much larger population. Now … Read more

Subdued Deepavali – Is Price Rise the only reason?

The Article Headline screamed out – “Shopping hubs expect subdued Deepavali”. The article in THE HINDU Newspaper on 17/OCT/2011 (read here) talks about the shopkeepers expecting reduced spend this Deepavali. The reasons spelled out are Price Rise and wider range of shopping options. I was surprised that the article did not talk about another important … Read more

Dennis Ritchie – An obituary

First time I heard the name Dennis Ritchie was in my 2nd year in Engineering when we had the computer lab on C programming. When I started to learn and understand the power & usability of C, i was amazed what it could do. Dennis Richie had created a marvel way back in 1970s that … Read more

Comparison between India & West

Why are we so obsessed with the West and its statistics? Why do we need to have all things like they have in West? We need to have the same income, same ratio of vehicles per 1000 population, same no. of supermarkets per 1000 population… everything is compared with the what is present in West. … Read more