Shame on Indian Politicians & Bollywood Actors

In spite of the fact that Sanjay Dutt got off with an easier sentence for the crime he committed, Indian Politicians & Bollywood Actors are shamelessly asking for him to be pardoned giving variety of reasons like he has suffered a lot, he did foolish thing in his youth, even saying the amount of money … Read more

Government Bending Backwards to help Foreign Retain Chains Open stores in India

With the passing of FDI bill (rather defeat of motion against FDI bill) in the Parliament, it is now the turn of State Governments to display their loyalty to Foreign Retailers. Delhi Government is already mulling amending the APMC Act to facilitate the foreign retailers to directly buy from farmers. (read here). This is being … Read more

Wal-mart & Co., Permission Granted to loot India …. Legally….

The motion to stop FDI in Retail has just been defeated in the lower house (Lok Shabha) of Indian Parliament. This was among expected lines, just like the Nuclear Treaty where Government managed to ‘win’ votes to implement what it wanted, irrespective of what the people of the nation wanted or whether the nation and … Read more

Church does not like Secularism

All along we Indians have been told that we need to be Secular… we should respect and allow other religions (to propagate)… This is probably one of the funniest things to tell us Indians – we have long allowed people to freely follow other religions, probably in our history there would never have been any … Read more

What’s happening in Chennai?

Over the past few days, Muslims have taken Chennai Hostage over an issue which is not even remotely related to what’s happening in Chennai & in India. Some one in USA has made a film that seems to hurt the sentiments of Muslims and they go on rampage in Chennai destroying properties and hurting people … Read more