2G Scam JPC Probe

2G Scam is the biggest scam to hit Indians.  CAG has already submitted it’s report wherein it has pointed irregularities by A.Raja as the Minister and the DoT in spectrum allocation to companies in 2007/08.

Opposition has been demanding a JPC probe on 2G Scam and has held Parliament to randsom by not allowing it to function for the 12th straight day.  It is surprising that the opposition is pressing for a JPC probe given that past JPC probe findings/recommendations have not been implemented or been implemented as a watered down version.
Given this background, Government & Congress must not ‘fear’ a JPC probe, but something is stopping them from allowing it.

There are many questions in the public’s mind:
1) What is the impact of a JPC probe? Can it indict any person and recommend punishment?
2) Can the recommendations of a JPC probe be disputed in Court of Law?
3) is JPC probe ranked higher than a Supreme Court monitored probe and suit?

Questions for which public do not have an answer. a good reference /backgrounder to JPC is this article in MSN.

This article in BUSINESS LINE describes a good way forward in the probe.

I think most Indians will want to see what happens in the end – will the guilty be ever punished? Will Government take the bold decision to take back the spectrum of the fraudulent companies?

If Government is serious on delivering Justice it should work speedily on this case and punish the guilty.

Opposition would do better if he ensures that this scam remains in the constant public view and also the progress is regularly reported by the investigating agencies, authorities.

When an agency like CAG has probed and found that policies, rules have been tampered with to benefit a few, then I think it is high time the guilty are punished. If nothing happens then probably we should punish CAG for the wrong-findings…

Probably too many people have been benefited from the scam that they are not interested in bringing the guilty to justice