Retail Subscription Limit Limit Increased

SEBI has increased the maximum amount applicable for retail investors from Rs.1 Lakh to Rs.2 Lakh. There are both positives & negatives of this move. Positive: – It will increase the subscription amount in Retail Category with more investors using the ceiling amount of Rs.2 Lakh Negative: – It will reduce the allocation of shares … Read more

SEBI’s acquital of NSDL

SEBI’s acquital of NSDL in the IPO scam is another proof of influence of the SEBI Chairman on the proceedings. NSDL as a depository should have put in place a system to identify multiple accounts and doubtful accounts. More than any other entity NSDL could have done the job easily. One more biggie in the … Read more

My Feedback on Variable Load in MF

In continuation with my previous post on SEBI’s proposal for introducing Variable Entry Load in Mutual Funds, I sent in my response by email on the last day (6th of March). The response is as below: ================ I personally welcome the proposal of having Variable Entry Load in MF. This will bring in a rationalisation … Read more

Mutual Funds – Variable Entry Load – Opportunity for Investors

SEBI has issued a Proposal on 13th Feb’09 for Variable Entry Load for investments in Mutual Funds made through Distributors. This is good step forward for investors who use Distributor’s service to the minimal. They can henceforth pay less by bargaining on the Entry Load. This will be good for both investors and Distributors. For … Read more

Satyam-Maytas – Corporate Governance Issue?

There is a lot of hype in the Media about the issue of Satyam’s failed buyout plan of Maytas. Talks of Corporate Governance are around and even demand that SEBI/ MCA conduct enquiry on the issue proactively without any need for anybody to complain. Various sections in SEBI’s rulebook are quoted which empower it to … Read more