Shame on Indian Politicians & Bollywood Actors

In spite of the fact that Sanjay Dutt got off with an easier sentence for the crime he committed, Indian Politicians & Bollywood Actors are shamelessly asking for him to be pardoned giving variety of reasons like he has suffered a lot, he did foolish thing in his youth, even saying the amount of money that is invested on his films, etc. etc…
All these people seem to conveniently forget that Sanjay Dutt had played more than a passive part in the Bombay Bomb Blasts of 1993 where scores of people died and many more were injured. Looks like money is more important than even human life.

Just because he is a film star should he be pardoned? It is just proving that rich in India can get away from being punished, earlier it was the delay in the sentencing and eventual lack of evidence for conviction, now they want Govt. pardon for even the lightest of the sentence. Many bollywood actors right from Salman Khan to Saif Ali Khan are facing criminal cases and are roaming around free and doing what they want… Would the system allow a normal poor citizen of the country facing the same charges even on Bail? A common man’s family would not have even got to meet him or know about his whereabouts if he was arrested under TADA/POTA, but Sanjay Dutt seems to have enjoyed royal treatment.

Supreme Court has yet again fallen from its high post (after Vodafone verdict) by not imposing TADA charges on Sanjay Dutt, especially when it upheld TADA charges on people who had lesser role to play than Sanjay Dutt. Perhaps over time it is also being influenced like the lower judiciary.