Saffronisation of Education

I have been reading newspaper articles in Bangalore about the “saffronisation” of Education by the BJP Government in Karnataka. Dispute has risen about the purposely ‘hindu’ leaning content in the new textbook.
I highly recommend that all critics have a look at the school text books in other countries – countries where other religions – Islam or Christianity – is majority or state religion. They will have an overdose of the country’s religion in their teaching and way of life.
I was surprised at looking at a class 8 history text book (in Tamil Nadu) and see chapters and chapters on European History & church. Surprisingly no text book teaches about the local history.
What was the intent of those educators who taught Indian Students European & Christian History and not much about our rich tradition? How much of our traditions & culture do we have in our text book? In the name of secularism, we have actually just given undue importance to Islam & Christianity, what was the intent? Convert Hindus to those religion?
In fact we should be proud of our tradition of allowing these religions to grow in spite of their violent & corrupt ways of spreading the religion. Please go and have a look at the countries where these religions are majority – they have wiped out the local culture & tradition.
Disgrace on the media for blindly propagating anything that is anti-hindu and hiding anything that brings out the true face of the other religions. Why didn’t the media & experts question the fact that Indian children learn more about other country’s history that ours?

It’s high time the silent majority sits up and speaks out…