Commission Reports on attacks on Church in Bangalore

Every minority group and “eminent personality” have trashed the commission report on attacks on Churches in Bangalore where the commission has said Hindu Groups are not to be blamed.
Every group has said this report to be politically motivated to protect the Hindu Groups.

One fact I do not understand is – “why only reports that say Hindu Groups are not guilty are claimed to be false & biased?” When similar reports are given for so-called minority groups they say it upholds justice. Rubbish…

In our country, Hindus are the actual minorities. Muslims & Christians get to do whatever they want. they can construct mosques & churches wherever they want, they can convert as many people they want, they can buy property wherever they want, ¬†they can speak out against Hindus & Indian Traditions, they can paint Hindu Gods as they like… but if any of these is done by Hindus – it is fault… Even protest by Hindus against unjust favourism towards Muslims & Christians is deemed as anti-minority…

It’s time, general people stand-up against such irrational policies.

All these people who shout that minority rights are not protected in India must visit other countries – the Gulf Nations & the Christian Nations of the west and see how they treat minority religions. Nowhere in the world, other religions are pampered like in India.