Government, Compensate because I will not.

We regularly hear politicians & activists demanding government give “adequate” compensation to people for a calamity or accident or mishap. ┬áBut if we ask these people how much they have helped the improvished/affected person, we will not receive any reply. Reason – they would have never helped the affected person either financially or even through support.

Most people talk loundly on stages, press meets, TV shows about the pathetic conditions of the affected people and demand Government action, but they would have hardly moved their fingers to help the affected people. All this drama would be to gain publicity rather than with the good intention of helping the affected.

How many politicians have contributed from their personal wealth or even party’s coffers when any calamity stikes?

I am not saying that they should not ask Government to initiate action and help the affected and compensate the losses. But the people must first contribute themselves before asking the government to initiate action. Government is not an endless supply of funds & resources. Government is more like a facilitator & enabler for the people to get what they need.

Hope we realise this before we just sit in AC rooms and harp about Government not doing anything.

It is surprising that people fall for such acts. Just think – in AP due to rain people’s crops have been destroyed and villagers are starving, what are politicians doing – going on 3 day hunger strike. A person who has filed multi-crore advance tax can do more esp. when he claims to be in public service and live only for the people. He should have shown the way to others & people in power by being the 1st to help. That would have shown that he is geniunely interested in people’s welfare.

Disgrace. But do politicians & media care about it…