My First Overseas Trip – Reaching Biella

I have traveled within India to a considerable extent both by rail and by air. But overseas never before in spite of planning many time.
I travelled to Italy for office work on 1st of Aug.
Experiences of traveling to and being in an alien country was different.
As usual the immigration offical (a lady) was very hesitant in stamping my passport. I am not sure why she hesitated but she asked lots of questions and documents (my ID card, invitation letter, return tickets). Finally half-heartedly she stamped my passport & I was into uncharted area. I have been to the international departure terminal at Chennai airport many times, once even upto immigration to see of a cousin traveling alone. This was the 1st time I crossed the immigration check point.
Into the security check on the 1st floor – at 1AM in the morning, with nothing to do but just wait and no free wi-fi I was bored and tired.  But had to kill time.
Finally at 3:45AM the announcement for boarding came and it was a mad rush. In spite of the airline staff requesting people to wait and follow the boarding call for various classes and seating zones, everybody was in the gate. Multiple lines & barging into lines, typical of India, were common even in International Airport!!!
Into the flight – a bigger plane than most in the domestic sector & more crowded. This route seems to be one of the high occupation routes. The service was fine.

Dubai Airport was more like a mall than an airport terminal. Mind-blowing experience to be there. Probably will need around 3-4hrs to look into each and every shop and walk from one end to the other. Terminal 3, Dubai Airport – simply fantastic. A different experience from all the airports in India even the new Pvt. airline terminal in Mumbai or the New Hyberabad International Airport.

Flight from Dubai to Milan was eventless, watch another movie and managed to spend the 6hours time. I really dread the thought of having to fly for longer hours and find it difficult to imagine how others manage to do so when flying to USA or non-stop to Europe (BA/ Luftansa/ Air France direct flights from India)

Milan airport was different from Dubai. Comparatively plain. The queue at the Passport Control was long considering 3 international (other than EU) flights had landed within minutes of each other. I was disappointed with Milan Airport considering what I had seen in Dubai.

Drive from Milan to Biella was good. Scenic highway with lots of small old towns/villages on the way.

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