Railway Lines – Unnecessary Routes

Our Politicians are among the best when it comes to try to prove that they are working for the people. Railways has been among the frequently used tools to “appease” voters – promising new trains, and new railway lines. One such is the proposed railway lines from Tindivanam – one towards Tiruvannamalai and another towards … Read more

Church does not like Secularism

All along we Indians have been told that we need to be Secular… we should respect and allow other religions (to propagate)… This is probably one of the funniest things to tell us Indians – we have long allowed people to freely follow other religions, probably in our history there would never have been any … Read more

What’s happening in Chennai?

Over the past few days, Muslims have taken Chennai Hostage over an issue which is not even remotely related to what’s happening in Chennai & in India. Some one in USA has made a film that seems to hurt the sentiments of Muslims and they go on rampage in Chennai destroying properties and hurting people … Read more

New rules for Tatkal Ticket Booking – a review

Indian Railways is showing us that it is dealing effectively with malpractices in ticket booking and is making efforts to reduce the hardship people face while booking tickets. In a effort to reduce the hardship Railways has changed the way we book our Tatkal tickets. Instead of opening the tatkal tickets along with the normal … Read more

Foreign Telecom Companies Blackmailing Indian Government

With the Supreme Court Decision on cancelling the fraudulently awarded 2G Licences, we are seeing the foreign companies that bought into the licence winners cheaply are now trying to “protect” their “investment” by threatening to sue the Indian Government. Foremost among these companies is TELENOR the Norwegian Telecom Company that invested in UNINOR. Government has … Read more

Railway Budget 2012 – What’s in it for Tamil Nadu?

The Railway Budget 2012 provides for the following new services in Tamil Nadu: New Trains –       1) Coimbatore – Bikaner (in Rajasthan)  via Konkan Railway passing through Mangalore, Roha, Vasai Road, Ahmedabad & Jodhpur = WEEKLY      2) Chennai – Bangalore AC DOUBLE-DECKER Express = DAILY.       3) Trichy – Tirunelveli … Read more