Power Crisis

Are we (read: public) doing anything to combat the Power Crisis that we are currently facing in this City (Chennai), State (TN), Country (India)? The answer is a BIG NO. In fact, other than the fact that we are not able to use ACs or watch out favourite serials/movies or sometimes not able to use … Read more

IRCTC – E-Ticket – Change in Rules for ID Proof

IRCTC has changed the rules for Proof of Identify for e-tickets. Now it is not necessary to specify the person and the ID details. Any one of the passengers need to carry one of the specified proof of identity (Voter ID card/ Passport/PAN Card/Driving License/Photo Identity Card) along with the Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS). Earlier … Read more

iPod Index – How it helps you?

Heard of Big Mac Index? The Purchasing Power Parity Index developed and maintained by The Economist – it tells how over- or under- valued a currency is w.r.t. to others by comparing the prices of Big Mac (MacDonalds Hamburger) across the world. In this Electronic Age, we have another Index – CommSec iPod Index. It … Read more

Why People Yell?

A sage asked his mandalies the following,’Why people yell at each other when they are upset?’ The men thought for a while,’Because we loose our calmness,’ said one. ‘we yell for that.’ ‘But, why to yell when the other person is at your side?’ asked the sage. ‘ Isn’t it possible to speak to him … Read more


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