Government Bending Backwards to help Foreign Retain Chains Open stores in India

With the passing of FDI bill (rather defeat of motion against FDI bill) in the Parliament, it is now the turn of State Governments to display their loyalty to Foreign Retailers.
Delhi Government is already mulling amending the APMC Act to facilitate the foreign retailers to directly buy from farmers. (read here).
This is being done to break the monopoly of the middlemen….

Surprisingly the Government & the politicians didn’t think this was necessary to do earlier, they were happy to let farmers in the hand of these middlemen… but now suddenly they have realised that middlemen are making a killing and it will not be profitable for the foreign retailers if they have to go through them, so they are bringing in an amendment….

This amendment should have been the 1st thing any politician/Government wanting to improve the supply-chain & increase the remuneration of the farmers must have done… So long politicians where happy milking these middlemen and now with a bigger entity coming their way to milk, they have suddenly realised how wrong the middlemen were…

Taking the country down…. it’s like letting termites eat your wood…. everything looks glossy on the outside but inside it becomes hollow in no time …. with catastrophic results…