Wal-mart & Co., Permission Granted to loot India …. Legally….

The motion to stop FDI in Retail has just been defeated in the lower house (Lok Shabha) of Indian Parliament.

This was among expected lines, just like the Nuclear Treaty where Government managed to ‘win’ votes to implement what it wanted, irrespective of what the people of the nation wanted or whether the nation and its citizens would benefit from it.

All talks about FDI in Retail will improve the supply chain across the country and will provide betterĀ remunerationĀ for the farmers and the producers are simply crap.

Nowhere BIG Retail esp. the ones from West have actually benefited the community. Always they have lived on the community and Government’s benefit to maximise their profits.

The kinds of Walmart are known to pay poorly and let employees fend for themselves without much benefits.

Expecting them to do good for India is ironical. In fact, we have more to fear – In west, the consumer laws are very stringent. Consumers are protected at all cost from being cheated or fooled. In India, our Judicial system is in shambles, Consumer protection is non-existent. The BIG retail will just make use of this and provide poor service and products. Probably India, will become dumping ground for all their unsold surpluses like the export surplus sale that we see so often in our cities…

Congress has once again proved that it works for itself and it’s leaders and it has pulled the right strings using CBI and other agencies to ensure that selfish politicians support it. DMK, SP & BSP have become puppets in Congress’s hand.

Now let Wal-mart & Co. can freely come and loot India as much as they want… LEGALLY… (with a bit of illegal kickbacks)


NOTE: Walmart already runs Supermarts in India – Easyday Stores with Bharti Group…, TESCO partners Tata Group in Star Bazaar