What’s happening in Chennai?

Over the past few days, Muslims have taken Chennai Hostage over an issue which is not even remotely related to what’s happening in Chennai & in India. Some one in USA has made a film that seems to hurt the sentiments of Muslims and they go on rampage in Chennai destroying properties and hurting people here. Absolutely rubbish… If the same kind of protest any Hindu organisation had done, then the World would have together to cry foul & immediately said Hindu Organisations are rowdies and should been immediately banned and their functionaries put behind bars… But when such thing is done by Muslims or others, it is just that they are hurt and are bringing out their sentiments.

Chennai of all places where probably people any religion are allowed to practice and even propagate their religion this has happened. It is more surprising that this has happened when Ms.Jayalalitha is the CM….

Just shows how the things have changed esp. over the last decade….
The uncontrolled conversion and “promotion” of other religions and purposeful humiliation of Hindu religion, culture & tradition has had it’s results; people are ever so gullible when it comes such issues… they easily believe these propagandist without even thinking about it…

I recall the incidence where the Painter MF Hussain had painted Hindu Goddess nude and when Hindu organisations protested, everybody said it was atrocious… MF Hussain is just expressing his view and we are a land of free speech!!! That happened within India.
This has happened half way across the globe and yet people violently protest bring harm to local people… How Logical & correct they are!!! Where did Free Speech go now?

How come there has not been much protest by Muslims in the Christian Nations? We have  not even heard of this kind of protest in any other secular country…

I think we should change the Nation’s Constitution so that India is renamed as “Non-Hindu” Nation… instead of “secular” Nation

Tamil Nadu CM… I am missing the CM from 2001-2006 period… Have you also become like your political opponent???