Patriotic for 2 days in a year!!!

Indians are unique in lot of ways… One such thing is showing-off that they are the biggest Patriot the country has ever had…
363days in a year they will even regret the fact that they were born in India & live in India. Suddenly out of the blue just before Independence Day & Republic Day they become Patriotic – they send patriotic emails, pin flags to their dresses, PC desktop background is now the National Flag, suddenly they remember that “Jan Gana Mana” is our national Anthem….
Once the day is over, we go back to our routine, forgetting our Patriotism, probably the display of patriotism is just show-off… to just go along with others, so that nobody tells “you don’t even have an iota of respect for the country?”

But, is this the real Patriotism? This is tokenism. People pin the flags to their dresses on these 2 days, how many will even think of doing the same for even a week? (let’s forget a month or a year).

Indians need to change and change must come from within. We wait for somebody to start the change and wait to see whether all have changed and then we will even think about changing (after questioning the rationale many times).

Question is – are we willing to change for better? Probably not? we are more comfortable the way things are, even if we don’t like it….

True Patriot will be a patriot always, not on Independence Days & Republic Days alone…

Start respecting the Nation and it’s greatness and make an effort to protect and increase it’s greatness & glory.