Missing out on Market Zoom

Today Indian Markets closed down for the 1st time because of 20% circuit breaker.
BSE hit the 15% circuit breaker within minutes of opening and then the 20% level shortly after re-opening at 11:55AM.
Most stocks were up at least 20%. This zooming market is due to the decisive electoral victory of UPA.

But am I happy? – Not really – I had sold most of my trading portfolio in the run-up to the elections, missing out on the great zoom today. In fact I had previously missed on the slow rally in the markets over the past 2months from the March lows. I had not bought any new shares.

How does it feel to see the market zoom when you have just sold most of your shares, while it languished all the time you held the stocks? – It feels pretty bad.

But this is the stock market…