Traffic Fines in Tamil Nadu

Fine for Various Traffic Voilations in Tamil Nadu.

Next time a cop stops you, you know how much to pay (fine or bribe)

Offence Code Nature of Offence Penal Sections under M.V.Act and Compunding Fine Amount as per G.O.Ms.No.30 Home (Tr.V) Dept. 11.01.2000
RR 01 Contravention of Section 41 (7) of the Act (failure to renew registration) U/s 177 Rs.100
General provision of punishment of offences for which no specific penal provisions are given. The following are the few violations U/s 177 Rs.50
GP 02 Stop line violation Sec. 119
03 Lane Jumping Sec. 119
04 Yellow Line Cutting Sec. 119
05 No Entry Sec. 119
06 Signal Violation Sec. 119
07 No. ‘U’ Turn Sec. 119
08 Closed to Lorry Traffic Sec. 119
09 No Parking Sec. 119
10 Triple Riding Sec. 122
11 Improper Uniform & other cases TNMV Rule 37 (iv)
12 Refusal to ply TNMV Rule 40(e)
13 Demanding Excess Fare TNMV Rule 41(1)
14 Over Height TNMV Rule 174(3)
15 Two persons in Driver’s seat TNMV Rule 243
16 Tampered Meter Seal TNMV Rule 353(c)
17 Protruding in fromt/rear of vehicle without red flag/ Light TNMV Rule 396
18 Dazzling Head Light TNMV Rule 405
19 Defective Number Plate CMV Rule 50
DO 20 Disobdience of orders-obstruction and refusal to give information U/s 179 Rs.50
UP 21 Allowing unauthorized persons to drive U/s 180 Rs.50
WL 22 Driving vehicle in contravention of Section 3 or 4 without D.L. or below the age of 18 U/s 181 Rs.500
DP 23 Driving vehicle by a person who is disqualified U/s 182(1) Rs.500
LO 24 Offence relating to licences (Disqualified for holding or obtaining conductors Licence) U/s 183(2) Rs.100
OS 25 Driving at Excessive speed limits U/s 183(1) Rs.400
CE 26 Driving at excessive speed etc. 9Causes to drive and exceeding speed limits) U/s 183(2) Rs.300
RD 27 Driving/Riding dangerously including talking on cell phone while driving/Riding CMV R21(25) U/s 184 & U/s 177 Rs.1000 Rs.100
DD 28 Drunken Driving U/s185 Court
UD 29 Driving when mentally or physically unfit to drive U/s 186 Rs.200
RT 30 Racing and Trials of speed U/s189 Rs.500
EE 31 Emitting Excess Smoke U/s 190(2) Rs.50
TS 32 Tampered Silencer U/s 190(2) Rs.50
HC 33 Musical/ Air Horn cases U/s 190(2) Rs.50
WR 34 Using the vehicle without Registration U/s 192 Rs.500
WP 35 Using the vehicle without valid permit or permit violation U/s 192 Rs.500
EW 36 Driving vehicle exceeding permissible weight U/s194 Rs.100
UI 37 Driving uninsured vehicle U/s 196 Rs.1000
IV 38 Unauthorized interface with vehicle U/s 198 Rs.100
OT 39 Obstruction U/s 201 Rs.50
ID 40 Power of officer to impound document U/s 206
DV 41 Power of officer to detain vehicle U/s 297

NOTE: This post was prompted by an incidence we had yesterday on Anna Salai, Chennai where for a Signal Voilation the Traffic Constable kept telling us that a fine of Rs.450/- was applicable whereas only Rs.50/- is applicable. (In the end, Rs.100/- went to the pocket for the Traffic Constable – probably he will use Rs.50/- for challan, and Rs.50 will be his Hard Earned Money for the Day).