New Year – New Hope?

New Year has Dawn! The New Year brings with it new hopes of a better Economy and Peace.
The year gone-by was one to remember and to forget – to remember for the lessons learnt from the mistakes made; and to forget for the horrible events that unfolded over the months.

Change has been the call in 2008. Change for a better World. Change for a safer World. Change for our next generations to live in Peace and Harmony. Change to “Preserve” Humans.

Hope that Change will come in 2009 is the focal point in this New Year.

So, What needs to Change?  A Question everybody will answer differently. A Question everybody will answer from their INDIVIDUAL Perspective. Not wrong.
But to see the Change in our World, we need to Change Ourselves. Are we ready for that? Are we ready to Change for better?

Ponder and act for a better Year ahead.

Welcome ‘Year 2009’ – We hope you bring in the CHANGE for better life.

Goodbye ‘Year 2008’ – Thanks for teaching us the fundamentals.

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  1. Ha Ha Ha, talking about fundamentals is definitely a good joke. Stock market and fundamentals do not go together.

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