Out in Open – Christianity in India

What has been known at the ground level for a long time is finally out is open. The spread, rather unethical, of Christianity in India has always been an hush-hush affair. They always worked the unethical way and the Church has always tried to influence the people and the policy. The statements of late by Church in the Italian Marines case and in Kudunkulam protest has just brought in open the true picture of the Church – of being an corrupt & unethical entity meddling in policy and being unfair & unethical to the core.

Hope’Secular’ Indians realise that Christians & Church and not secular. Probably no other religion or creed of people will be secular like the Hindus in India.
High-time Indian media brings out the true picture of what happens behind the walls of Christian Organisations, surprisingly the sting operations that so often happen against Hindu Organisations, trusts & supporting parties never seem to happen against Christians or for that matter Muslims, unjust Media???