Subdued Deepavali – Is Price Rise the only reason?

The Article Headline screamed out – “Shopping hubs expect subdued Deepavali”. The article in THE HINDU Newspaper on 17/OCT/2011 (read here) talks about the shopkeepers expecting reduced spend this Deepavali. The reasons spelled out are Price Rise and wider range of shopping options. I was surprised that the article did not talk about another important issue – The Reducing Number of Hindus. Probably nobody has touched this fact as in our country to talk about threats to Hindus & Hinduism is considered bad, wrong & politically incorrect. We should only talk about atrocities done by Hindus, suppression by Hindus and how minorities are being side-lined, etc. etc..
Though we all know that probably India is the only country where minorities are treated like Kings and all this talk is factually incorrect, we continue to talk so due to our political class and the way the minority leaders have gathered support.

The fact that the number of Hindus is progressively reducing is being proved in every census and also every year when we see the increasing celebrations of other religion’s festival and reduced celebration of Hindu Festivals.

Every attempt is made to deplore Indian & Hindu customs & traditions as superstitions, environment unfriendly, anti-people, etc.. But no one makes an attempt to understand why we have such customs & traditions. Take the case of Fire Crackers on Deepavali. Everybody will say Fire Crackers pollute, cause health problem due to the chemicals and high decibel noise. So don’t celebrate, don’t light crackers is the mantra that is propagated.

Everybody forgets that probably the essence of Deepavali comes from the Fire Crackers. Instead of asking people to not light fire crackers, why cannot the authorities enforce a ban on production of high decibel crackers and use of harmful chemicals in crackers. Restricting production to lower decibel and less harmful crackers is better as it also allows people to enjoy.

Time we understand our tradition, our rich history and learn to respect it.