Comparison between India & West

Why are we so obsessed with the West and its statistics?
Why do we need to have all things like they have in West? We need to have the same income, same ratio of vehicles per 1000 population, same no. of supermarkets per 1000 population… everything is compared with the what is present in West.
Why are the economist and “educated” so obsessed with West?

I am surprised that we don’t realise that each country is unique & ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. What works in West may not work here… Just image India where we have 1000 cars per 1000 population… will there be any space to park the cars leave alone driving it…

Probably economist need to start thinking and not copy concepts from the West. It is sad to see that in spite have a long history of being a rich country, we Indians still look at West to adopt practices. Most of the fundamental concepts were taught to the world by us in distant past – which the West built on and capitalised while we ignored and became laggards.

Let’s start looking inward, looking at our history and learn and apply those powerful concepts to grow rather than just follow what the West has done.