Are we really against corruption?

Are we, the people of India, really against corruption and want eradicate it?
Looking at the way sections of public has reacted to the current anti-corruption movement, it can be said that most groups are not really against corruption – because they seem to have benefited from corruption a lot.  Look how people are raising questions, asking people in their community not to support the current movement on flimsy reason. What are they trying to do gain publicity from this movement? Making mockery of a serious initiative?
While everybody seems to say no one group should try to impose their version or views, it seems to be the intent of everybody, trying to find faults in the movement and justifying their individual actions. Probably they too gained from corruption like the politicians & bureaucrats.

Surprising element is Muslim & Christian groups trying to give a communal flavour to the movement, probably they have been thriving on corrupt practices for too long that they are afraid of a strong law.