Alert! Korean & Chinese Made Mobile Phone Owners in India

Recently Government of India has proposed to ban all Korean & Chinese made Mobile phones in view of the security Threat Posed by them since they do not have IMEI numbers and it is difficult to trace them without IMEI number.

In view of the recent bomb blasts in various places across India and the smses sent by the terror suspects which were not tracable since they were sent from mobile phones which did not have IMEI numbers.

In view of the security threat, Government is proposing to ban all the mobile phones which do not have “0” in the IMEI number or have only “0”s in the IMEI number.

It has been identified that most of the Korean & Chinese Made multimedia mobiles which have been making round in the country fall into this category.

In all high probability your Mobile Operator will block your number if it is detected that the mobile phone is not transmitting a valid IMEI number. So next time you are tempted to buy those cheap multimedia Korean & Chinese phones beware….

Also ensure you have a receipt/bill for the mobile you buy, irrespective of the location/store you buy it from.

Thanks to my cousin for sharing this information.

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