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Central Government has today banned bulk SMS for the next 72hrs in the wake of the Ayodhya Land Judgement tomorrow (24/Sept).
While this is a good move to prevent rumours from spreading, I was surprised at the impact of this move. This move seems to have hit even the genuine corporate users of sms. Take the example of my stock broker – they have put up a notice that due to this ban they will not be able to send sms alerts for next 3days.

Axis Bank has put a notice on it’s netbanking site that due to the ban, users (with sms validation option) will not be able to do online funds transfer for the next 3days.

I am surprised that Govt./Telecom Operators do not have the technology to differentiate between regular genuine sms senders and spammers/rumour mongers…

Definitely Axis Bank is not going to send rumours, it is going to send only transaction details of it’s customers…

Also I don’t understand why the bank has been classified as bulk sms sender? every sms sent out by Axis Bank related to transaction of customer is different and personal to the customer. How can this be classified as bulk sms?

Even with the other corporate users of bulk sms like financial instititutions, govt. agencies the message sent out can be pre-authorised by the telecom operator before the smses are broadcasted.

Like somebody on a blog pointed out – we now a days receive spam smses from any mobile number and not only from registered bulk senders, it will be tough to block those smses.

Side-effect: 3days of relaxation, no disturbances from annoying smses.

27/Sept -UPDATE:
DoT had over the weekend declared that Financial Institutions like banks were not covered in the ban for their transactional smses.
However didnot receive any sms from ICICI Bank for beneficiary registration. Surprisingly I received smses from SBI for online transactions.
Reliance Mutual Fund continued to send marketing smses for it’s schemes (from different nos.)….

2 thoughts on “Blocking Bulk SMS

  1. Sagar Bedmutha Sep 23,2010 16:25

    “…3days of relaxation, no disturbances from annoying smses..”-
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  2. Vivek Kapoor Sep 24,2010 14:14

    Indeed, this is something which is could be a lot inconvenient to genuine users. And now that the verdict is scheduled for 28th, the “bulk” sms service would resume only on 29th. So, it’s not 3 days anymore, but 7 days.

    But as you rightly pointed out, 7 days of relaxation and no disturbance from annoying sms. hooray!

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