Kashmir proves we Indians are fools

Watching the events around Kashmir esp. in the recent past I am surprised that as a country (which we project as a growing power) we are not able to manage the situation created by a few selfish people. Or is it the case that Politicians do not want a solution to the issue so that they can always use it for their needs?

Just on hearing a news about somebody burning “Quran” in some distant part of the world, people destroy the property that are actually for their use and benefit. This is really crazy. This just proves like other Indians, Kashmiris are also fools who are easily misguided & instigated.

As usual nobody in the media says destruction of public property is wrong, I think media will raise the issue only when “Hindu” organisations do it.

Propably people of Kashmir & Muslims in India in general need to realise that they are better off, in fact, are very well in India. Just looking at the Muslims who migrated to Pakistan during Partition will show how they have been discriminated against.

All this talk of Muslim well-being and discrimination within India is something the Arab countries & Pakistan have been propogating to ensure India always remains on boil. If these countries are so worried about the well-being of Muslims in India, why is that they are not inviting Muslims to their countries and providing citizenship and all benefits? Once muslims from India go there they are treated as inferior to locals even though they are locals. This can be seen from the lakhs of Muslims working in Gulf under shabby conditions.

Probably only in India Muslims and other religions with lesser numbers are given more prominence.

It is High Time Muslims realise this fact and adapt to the Indian local culture and live in harmony with others.

Muslims in Kashmir who want “independence” from India need to realise that once they are “independent” country they will be lapped up by either Pakistan or China and will be a slave state. In India they are given special status.

I think it is time, we open up Kashmir to all Indians, with more investments in the state by people from other regions, more jobs will be created, local people will be occupied with activities unlike today, also politicians will be forced to act

Futher let us and Kashmiris (people in the so-called valley region) not forget the J&K is not just the Valley – it is a big – valley is just small part of it. Once Ladakh and Jammu regions are stripped then Kashmir region becomes insignificant. They should realise that even though Indians from other parts can easily think like this and corner them, Indians (esp. Hindus) respect them.