Power Crisis

Are we (read: public) doing anything to combat the Power Crisis that we are currently facing in this City (Chennai), State (TN), Country (India)?

The answer is a BIG NO. In fact, other than the fact that we are not able to use ACs or watch out favourite serials/movies or sometimes not able to use the Geyser for hot water, we don’t even bother about it. We think it is the duty of the Government to take care of the Power Production.

Take a Minute to think – Do you really pay for what you use? Electricity in India is highly subsidised esp. for Domestic Consumers. This is the primary reason for the Wastage of this precious resource.
Everybody knows Electricity cannot be stored and hence it has to be produced in sync with the Demand, but this is not always possible since we depend on Nature for production of a significant portion of our needs. It may not rain enough or timing to fill our reservoirs Or the wind may not be powerful enough for our Windmills.

As consumers we show scant regard for how electricity is produced. We do not take any effort to reduce consumption when there is a shortfall that is threating to hit the economy really bad (industrial units closing down have a cascading effect on the economy and the society at large – but since it is delayed we are not bothered about it, we are bothers more about the NOW instant – I am not able to watch TV NOW, I am not able to switch on my AC NOW, etc…)

Yes, the Government is also at fault since it lacked the foresight to see the explosion in demand. But we as citizens of this Country who use Electricity at subsidised rates must also share the burden.

What can we do?
– Save Electricity wherever possible (easy, just remember to switch off when not needed)
– Lower/Reduce usage of Electrical appliances (tough one, but definitely possible)
– Check if we can use Solar Power Units at home to power the basic necessities – 1 bulb/tubelight & 1 fan in a room. (at least power the Invertor through Solar Panel).

The question is not “Can we do it?” it is “Are we ready to do it?”

So instead of just blaming the Government, let’s start being responsible.

NOTE: Complaining about the inefficiency of the Government is also part of being responsible.