Duronto Express – will it go the Rajdhani way?

The much hyped Non-Stop express from Chennai to New Delhi (Nizamuddin Station) was flagged off today. It was touted as the next gen thing for Indian Railways.

Sadly it shows no improvement over the existing fastest rail connection between the two cities – the Rajdhani Express. Rajdhani covers the distance is about 28Hrs & 5mins with 7 stops in between. The Duronto covers the same distance in 27Hrs & 55mins. That works to about 10mins faster than the Rajdhani. But is it really faster? taking out the stoppages, Rajdhani has lesser running time, making it faster.
Ironically Rajdhani was originally conceived as a non-stop service between State Capitals and Delhi but later stops where introduced thereby increasing the travel time.

Read this article in BUSINESS LINE dtd. 20/SEPT/2009 (click here)