iPod Index – How it helps you?

Heard of Big Mac Index? The Purchasing Power Parity Index developed and maintained by The Economist – it tells how over- or under- valued a currency is w.r.t. to others by comparing the prices of Big Mac (MacDonalds Hamburger) across the world.

In this Electronic Age, we have another Index – CommSec iPod Index. It compares the prices of iPod 8Gb Nano in various countries across the world.

To a layman this may not be of much importance, but it certainly gives you an idea where to buy your next iPod. As of today, Australia is the cheapest place to buy an iPod 8Gb Nano. So who is the friend currently residing there to help you buy it….

Check the following link to download the full list – http://www.comsec.com.au/public/news.aspx?id=880